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Guide to Grammar and Writing
This site is great if you're looking for some in-depth instruction or assistance. It's got some online quizzes. Plus it's got a really great section on writing, and the writing process. If you've got an essay assignment, start with this site. Really!
Who vs. Whom? Whoever vs. Whomever? That vs. Which? If you don't know when to use what, check out this site. A lot of it requires a subscription ($), but the good, basic grammar and punctuation rules are provided free. Free is good!

Purdue Online Writing Lab
Follow the link for Grades 7-12 Instructors and Students. There are some great tips to help you with research papers or essays. There's even a section on how to conquer "writer's block". You know - the inability to concentrate and focus and get things on paper, and it's the night before the assignment is due... Guide to Grammar and Writing
We’ve hunted down the best resources on all the major aspects of good writing, from how to tell if your comma use is grammar-legal, to how to structure an essay. Check out these links on sentences, paragraphs, essays and punctuation that can help make formal writing as easy as texting.